Course Description

Digital photography technology is continually changing, however, the principles behind good photography don't. The UMS Training Hub photography course gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of digital photography including topics such as exposure settings, how to read and use the histogram, how light affects a photograph, how the camera sensor and lenses work, and how to process a photograph using computer software. You will also learn tips and techniques on what not to do when taking a photograph.

This course is ideal for those who wish to increase their understanding of digital photography and want to know how to process and produce photographs digitally.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of UMS Training Hub photography course photography course you will learn:

  • How your digital camera works;
  • What exposure settings to use when taking a photograph;
  • Gain knowledge of best practices for processing photographs.

About Our Photography Classes

Beginner Photography Class

Learning the basics of photography will provide you with a solid foundation for future photography classes. Photography for Beginners is perfect if you have never studied the art and science of photography. Start learning photography online with Light and the Photographer and Understanding Color in Photography. You will learn basic camera technical features like Shutter Speed Settings, the Aperture Setting, and Depth of Field. Photography for Beginners is the perfect Photography 101 course for anyone who wants to start taking better pictures!

Intermediate Photography Class

When you have completed Photography for Beginners and you’re ready for the next level, our Intermediate Photography Course is for you. Or, if you already understand the basics but are looking to move beyond the beginner level, this course will help you learn even more about your camera, and how to make great pictures with it. Topics covered in these classes include: Composition and Photography, Focal Length and Perspective, Sunset Photography, Flash Photography, Macro Photography, and much more.

Advanced Photography Class

By now you truly understand your camera and the finer skills of getting the most from your images. So after you have mastered fundamentals of photography in Beginner and Intermediate Photography classes, learn advanced techniques in our Advanced Photography Course. Take your photography skills to the next level with Auto Exposure Bracketing, Sports Photography, Food Photography, using an External Flash, and Portrait Lighting Techniques. Challenge yourself with Back Button Autofocus and Rear Curtain Sync Flash Mode.