About UMS Training Hub

UMS Training Hub (UMS-TH) is a Lagos state-based school that specializes in web, digital designs, mobile applications and digital media education
By offering hands-on instructions taught by experienced industry professionals in a progressive, challenging, and supportive small class environment, with unlimited lab time and a Alumni Membership to the facility upon graduation, UMS-TH provides the student with the creative learning environment needed to become a truly independent creative professional.

Our training programs are a harmonious blend of instruction, hands-on labs, review and feedback and direct production experience that puts your skills to the test and makes everything you learn come together. Our instructors are both educators and working professionals in various digitalized industry. We work with them to consistently improve our curriculum to make our programs the best and most comprehensive.
Developing JOB-READY Professionals Through Advanced ICT Training Methods

Innovative Training That Drives Change

Everything we do is powered by technology. It drives our businesses, our lives and our future. These are why you should join UMS Training Hub today!

Our Approach

A session with UMS Training Hub is not only unique in what you learn, but how you learn - we’ve spent thousands of hours to carefully build, perfect and tailor hands-on courses that distill complex subjects into easy to understand narratives.

Testing and certification

Upon completion of the programme, students receive access to the computer-based examinations which will assess their knowledge and skills gained throughout the programme. Exams are skills oriented, allowing students to face validity for the contexts and applications used. Successful students are issued UMS Training Hub certificates which prove they have gained key transferable skills and competencies aligned to real industry career paths. UMS Training Hub qualification is borderless and result-oriented business focused

Post-training Support services

Digital Marketing Institute provides training graduates with ongoing programme implementation support, business and career advice, in particular in the areas of marketing and promotion, business intelligence and business development activities. They have access to customizable marketing materials which can be adapted to suit their local market.